June Higgins
Direct Care

The youngest of four siblings and proud aunt of 16 nieces and nephews, June was four years into an office career when she was asked a life-changing question by her manager. He asked: “What would you do for work if you could do anything in the world?”

Without hesitation she answered “I’d go into ministry full time.” She went on to explain to him that the Bible asks “what good is it for a man to gain the whole word, yet forfeit his soul?” In light of that truth, she asked how anything could be more worthy of pursuit than leading people to Jesus.

June began to wonder why she wasn’t pursuing ministry full time if she felt so strongly about it. As a result, she made plans to attend Christian college. She aspired to become a licensed Christian Counselor, but the Lord had different plans for her. Finishing her degree was not her specific calling. Though she loved the Lord and was deeply rooted in His word, she had no formal experience working in ministry and wasn’t sure how working in ministry could be possible. So she prayed.

Through a series of events that only the Lord Himself could orchestrate, He led June to the ministry of Teen Challenge. She was thrilled to find out that she could serve as an apprentice to gain formal ministry experience. After six months of serving as an apprentice, she was hired full time and now feels blessed and honored to serve in Direct Care.

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