Teen Challenge Vermont | Services
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Vermont Adult and Teen Challenge Services

Hire the residents from Teen Challenge to help you!
Here at Vermont Adult and Teen Challenge we believe in hard work!  We offer vocational training to all of our residents in various focal points.  We offer competitive pricing on all of our services, any income from the services goes back into providing for the needs of our residents while also training them in different trades.  Research has shown that academic and vocational achievement often serve as protective factors from returns to drug abuse.  Under the supervision of our staff, our residents are able to provide the following services:


-Construction Services

-General Labor

-Tree Removal Services

-Snow Removal


“Teen Challenge is a great help to our operations team and a wonderful addition to our culture.  Our company is highly seasonal and we need significant help from temporary labor to get through our high volume periods.  Teen Challenge Vermont has long been a strong partner.  We reached out to them last fall and asked if they could provide even more help – and did they ever respond.  They signed up members from all over the Northeast, all of whom stayed in our area, and helped us throughout our highest volume weeks taking significant pressure off our recruiting challenges.  Their dependability, flexibility, and good natured dispositions not only made them superb work partners day in and day out, but also contributed to the culture of respect, fun, and work ethic we strive to cultivate.  We look forward to their involvement in the future.”
Vermont Teddy Bear

“I just had to write to say how impressed and happy I am with your snow shoveling team!!! They handled the blizzard last week very well and did an excellent job!!!! Thank you.
Also was wondering if this spring and summer you would have guys available to help with spring clean up and lead to normal summer jobs, 30-40 hrs per week helping on our lawn mowing crews. I really can’t think of anyone else I’d rather hire. Let me know and enjoy the sun!”
Lund Lanscaping

“We have been pleased with the quality and character of the workers provided by Teen Challenge. They are punctual, consistent and produce high quality work. They are team players and seem to mesh well with our staff.”
Gardeners Supply 

Companies that partner with Teen Challenge Vermont